For successful class completion you’re awarded 9 credit points. Please be aware that class completion requires a substantial time investment outside class. This includes required reading, assignments, and preparation. I highly recommend to regularly get together in small groups to discuss class contents and also to prepare comments and questions to be discussed in class.

The final grade is based on an exam to be completed on January 30, 2019. The exam assesses your progress in achieving the learning goals and outcomes outlined above. It includes tasks that directly test your knowledge of the material and others that test its practical application. You can achieve a maximum of 60 points in the exam.

By timely submission of 13 homework assignments and by contributing to online Q&A (see first set of slides for details) you can earn up to 15 activity points. Any activity points gained, are added to the points achieved in the exam. Final grades are based on the combination of exam points and activity points. A minimum of 30 points total is required for a passing grade. Please note: Activity points are only counted until you reach the maximum number of 60 points in combination with the exam.

You are encouraged to work on assignments in pairs or small groups. Nonetheless, each of you must submit your own work in the end. Submissions that are identical in part or in full are awarded 0 points in each case, no exceptions. Joint work on the exam is not permitted.

The final grade is awarded according to the following rules:

Grade Points
1.0 60 ≥ P ≤ 58
1.3 58 > P ≤ 55
1.7 55 > P ≤ 51
2.0 51 > P ≤ 48
2.3 48 > P ≤ 45
2.7 45 > P ≤ 42
3.0 42 > P ≤ 39
3.3 39 > P ≤ 36
3.7 36 > P ≤ 33
4.0 33 > P ≤ 30
n.p 30 > P ≤ 0