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Causal Diagrams by Miguel Hernán:

DAGitty: Drawing and analyzing causal diagrams (DAGs) by Johannes Textor:

Causal inference book by Miguel Hernán and James Robins:

Causal mediation analysis by Tyler VanderWeele:

Introduction to causal inference by Maya Petersen and Laura Balzer:

Judea Pearl’s blog:

Selected estimation packages

Authors Method Software
Emsley & Liu Regression paramed (Stata)
Valeri & VanderWeele Regression mediation (SAS, SPSS)
Tingley et al. Regression mediation (R, Stata)
Daniel et al. g-formula gformula (Stata)
Lin et al. g-formula mgformula (SAS)
Steen et al. Structural mean models medflex (R)
Muthén & Asparouhov SEM Mplus

Overview articles (from different disciplines)


Causal inference:

Graphical causal models:

Randomized controlled trials:

Causality bookshelf


Introductions to causal inference:

Graphical causal models:


Research design and methods: